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Class I To XIIth Standard Courses

Every child is different and they differ in their learning and grasping abilities. Some students learn quickly, while some require special attention to understand basic concepts. It became impossible for teachers in school to give personalized attention to every student and it’s the point where they start lacking in their studies. At Pupil’s Park, we understand the importance and demand of quality learning that’s needed by the students to cover their curriculums. Our tutors help students to clear their concepts at the very beginning to build a strong learning foundation.

We provide qualified and experienced home tutors in Delhi to match tutoring needs of every student. Each tutor provided by Pupil’s Park hold expertise in what they teach. Moreover, they are truly passionate about helping students score high in academics.

Class XI & XII

Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Information Practices, Accounts, Economics, Engineering Drawing, Business Studies, Computer Science, Political Science, Statistics, History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Multimedia and many more.
Having a home tutor gives students an opportunity to have personalized attention in reviewing all those areas where they face difficulties in understanding. Our home tutors help students to clear their doubts in no times.

6th to 8th Standard

Our tutors are truly passionate about helping students clearing their doubts without any distraction. They help students to complete their homework on time and even spot their weaker areas to give them proper assistance.

B.Com (P/H), M.Com (P/H), C.A./C.S./I.C.W.A

A child’s initial years are very crucial to build a strong foundation for a bright future. We understand this demand and thus provide trained tutors who help students to learn and improve their skills in a fun way.